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    5 Best Practices To Minimize Side Effects For Your Pigmentation Laser Treatments

    5 Best Practices To Minimize Side Effects For Your Pigmentation Laser Treatments

    Medical pigmentation laser treatment can be an amazing way to control and reduce the appearance of pigmentary issues, but it's important to know what are the best practices for getting the most out of your treatment and minimizing side effects. Follow these 5 best practices when getting your pigmenation laser treatments done, and walk away with amazing skin.

    1: Start with a qualified professional

    In Singapore, pigmentation lasers performed using Class IV lasers machines can only be performed by qualified medical professionals (eg. doctors), and not all doctors are qualified to use these Class IV lasers. To be qualified, you need to either be "grandfathered", meaning you have been using lasers for so long that you are recognised as being so experienced with using the lasers that you do not need to be separately qualified by the authorities (NEA), or you need to attend a short accreditation course on laser usage.

    Dr Sim has been using lasers since 2004 and has significant experience in the use of various types of laser treatments.

    2: Use the right pigmentation laser for the right reason

    In the world of laser technology, there are a variety of different types and wavelengths of lasers that can be used for different purposes. When selecting a pigmenation laser for a particular skin condition, it is important to choose the right type for your specific needs. Not all conditions require laser treatments, and not all laser machines are made the same. Certain skin conditions reacts well to laser treatments, whereas others are made worse by it.

    So how do you know which is the correct laser to use? Refer to point 1.

    3: Avoid direct prolonged sunlight after pigmentation laser

    To minimize side effects after your pigmentation laser treatment, make sure to follow the instructions of your physician. Avoid prolonged sun exposure before and after pigmentation laser treatments. So postpone your beach holidays and hiking trips for at least a few days after the treatment. Most non-ablative lasers do not need more than a day or two of sun avoidance. However for more aggressive ablative lasers, you might need to avoid prolonged sun exposure for a week or two.

    Wear sunscreen and protective clothing where possible, even when you are indoors as UV rays can penetrate the windows in your home.

    Drink lots of fluids and apply moisturisers as recommended by your treating physician.

    4. Repeat your pigmentation laser treatment at correct intervals

    If you are considering having a pigmentation laser treatment to improve your skin colour, it is important to follow the recommendation of your treating physician. One of the most important things you can do is schedule your treatment at the correct interval. By doing this, you will minimize any potential side effects and ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefit from the laser treatment.

    Certain lasers need to be done with a minimum interval to allow for the skin to recover and regenerate. While other lasers need to be done at a fixed interval whereby delaying so will only reduce its efficacy and prolong your treatment time, and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

    5. Be patient, as pigmentation laser treatment can take several sessions

    Patience is key when undergoing pigmentation laser treatment. The process can take several sessions to achieve desired results, so be prepared to wait. Make sure to schedule regular appointments and follow your doctor's instructions carefully. Haste makes waste, and in unfortunate cases might even cause more problems and side effects.

    Some treatments can take weeks for the initial results to be seen, and often months are needed for optimum outcomes. Be patient and allow the laser to work its magic.

    So give us a call and visit us at Aesthetic Works. Dr Sim will be able to customise a suitable pigmentation laser treatment protocol for you.

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