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    Fractional Lasers

    Fractional lasers break up the laser energy into thousands of tiny beams to treat only a fraction of the skin in the area, which reduces downtime. Fractional lasers can be ablative or non-ablative, and are used to treat a number of age-related blemishes.


    Fractional Mosiac eCO₂ Laser

    CO2 Lasers are generally ablative lasers used to treat scars, warts, wrinkles and other deeper skin flaws.

    • Tightens sagging skin and eyebags

    • Improves scars caused by acne or injuries

    • Clears uneven tone or sun-damaged skin

    • Reduces stretchmarks

    Fractional Mosiac Er-Glass Laser

    Erbium Lasers can be ablative or non-ablative. They promote collagen remodeling, making them popular options for treating fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and age spots.

    • Improves undereye lines

    • Reduces open pores and fine lines

    • Stimulates hair regrowth

    • Reduces fine lines